A Ghostly Romance tangled with an ancient druidic power

Can a woman from Minnesota find love with an Irish ghost or will the dark manipulations of his former lover keep them apart?

Mysterious images haunt her dreams…

Mary Kelley, international IT director by day, paranormal investigator by night, is sent on a business trip to Ireland where she is stunned to feel as if she’s come home. Her vivid dreams of a mysterious, captivating Irish man reawaken powerful psychic abilities buried deep within her, but meeting the man in her dreams is unnerving because he seems so familiar. Despite her best efforts she falls in love with Sean, not discovering the secrets of his past, and The Gaelic Moon until it is too late.

He wasn’t looking for a lover…

Sean Calhoun swore off relationships at an early age when the affair of his youth turned tragic. As a high-profile Irish businessman he spent his free time relaxing with friends at the ancient, local pub The Gaelic Moon. When he meets Mary, feelings he thought long dead awaken within, and he finds himself falling in love with her. But he is haunted by his past and an ex-lover who practices the dark arts.

When a horrible misunderstanding forces them apart will the power of The Gaelic Moon be able to reunite them?

Discover how Sean and Mary are intertwined with the fate and secrets of the oldest pub in Ireland, The Gaelic Moon.