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Welcome to the CairnMoon website. 

Books, videos and other creative items can be found here.

Carol Maschke's new book "Ghost of the Gaelic Moon" can be found here:

Ghost of the Gaelic Moon - print

Ghost of the Gaelic Moon -ebooks

The Braveheart videos appearing on You Tube

Episode 1 - Get a job

Episode 2 - The Search (coming soon)

Episode 3 - Hard Times (coming soon)

Episode 4 - Actor (coming soon)


Enter the world of paranormal fiction by author Carol Maschke. Follow the characters of the Gaelic Moon series as they try to deal with the new realities of their life as they are thrust into a world that they don't understand...



Braveheart's Tiny Mini-Series is featured here. Check out the videos filmed with this amazing Cairn Terrier. As well as an author interview with Carol Maschke and her Cairns.